Our customers, in Italy and in the rest of the world

Jewelers who want to create their own line, with their own name, to stand out.


Brands of high jewelery and high fashion brands that want to take advantage of our experience for new projects implement, existing productions or, in addition, create new capsule collections.


You, who want to have a unique jewel for yourself or to make a gift, to reveal a feeling, to make a special day a unique one in your life.

Creative Consulting

A designer’s team is at your complete disposal to create new captivating projects.


Moreover, upon your request, we can verify your 3D files, to guarantee the feasibility of the objects, to give you suggestions on how to optimize the yield, thanks to a technical consultation that uses decades of experience.


This phase of interactive analysis, which can be provided with any estimate, makes possible corrections to the project even before the start of the prototyping phase, with a considerable reduction in the margins of error and the related costs.

3D Cad Project

Latest generation CAD software to help you visualize your project from every point of view; the prototypes are built in a few days in order to make rapid changes to the model in the early stages of the development process.


Seeing the object displayed on the screen offers immediate advantages: shapes, thicknesses, proportions, weight, arrangement and shape of the stones – where they are present, attention to the chromatic harmonies between stones and materials, such as glazes or various metals, are just some of the advantages of an attentive graphic design .The photographic renderings are then sent by e-mail to the customer who can, even remotely, make his assessments, to review some points where necessary, or go directly to the next stage.


Moreover, the possibility to request a test cycle of injection-molded parts allows a market test to be carried out before the actual launch of the product, reducing the financial risk, before starting any large-scale production.

Aesthetic Resin

It is possible to create a wearable resin prototype, in order to assess whether the project should be modified. This type of resin provide you the real look of the object, its lines, the softness and the visual impact; it is also possible to determine the exact position of the stones in order to modify their size, cut or position.

Hight Definition Protocasting with daily delivery

If you already have a CAD project and you want to create a 3D printing wax prototype, we will be happy to print your file and deliver the wax on the same day; latest generation MJP2500W 3D printers and an expert team will create your prototype with care and attention.


These new technologies reduce the cost of production work and the final weight of the object.


Serializing the same object by protocasting, without necessarily create a silicone mold, reduce the costs of individual pieces or small collections.

Metal Melting Service

We can melt your waxes into the preferred alloy by proceeding with the finished object, or produce a non-noble alloy test object.

Silicone molds

Our company is able to produce for you the classic silicone molds, to be made immediately for products already tested or later for products still to be tested on the market.


D-design can also take care of the production of its customers’ collections; all the goldsmithing steps, the stone embedding, a precise quality control and an accurate final packaging of the object, all within our company.


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Privacy policy

D-design guarantees maximum confidentiality in the management of our customers’ prototype files.
D-design is a company of Dalila Gioielli s.r.l., which produces its products entirely within its own factory, with precious materials and high quality standards. Dalila Gioielli is part of the Responsible Jewelery Council – RJC, a non-profit association that brings together over 300 companies operating along the entire supply chain of diamonds, gold and platinum to industry; from extraction to retail. Members of RJC are committed to promoting respect for ethics, human rights and the environment by adopting good social and environmental practices, transparently and along the entire supply chain.


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